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AS&K Visual Science is one of the world's leading medical animation studios. We specialise in the development of high-end 3D medical animation, illustration, and video communication.

We work with some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, such as Bayer, Biogen Idec, Merck, Novartis, and Eli Lilly; with government and academic institutions such as the NIH, the UK NHS; as well as medical communication agencies such as Biolumina, Draft FCB, Medicus LifeBrands, and RCW.


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We understand the science, your story, and your needs – and that makes us really easy to work with. And it's all done in house. We are a one-stop bioscience visualization solution.

Why AS&K?
With our team of experienced 3D artists, animators, medical writers, project managers, and industry strategy experts, whatever your budget you don't just get animation – you get uniquely creative work with a compelling narrative that's compliant, that's on message, that's differentiating, that seamlessly integrates with your other communications activities, and that's cost effective.

Beyond animation
Animation can stand alone, but harnessing the value of your digital assets can maximize the return on your animation investment and provide you with powerful communication tools. Whether it's augmented reality, interactive digital, mobile apps, web content, or illustration, we have the expertise to advise, recommend, and deliver.


The art of science

View our showreels and other work from our current portfolios

  • Animation showreel

    Our showreel profiles our attention to detail, our understanding of structure – from the micro to the macro, our range of therapy area expertise, and, of course, the skill of our animators and 3D artists. Sit back and enjoy.

  • Hereditary angioedema - Patient and disease state profile

    This project combines first-person experience with visual representations of a rare condition to great effect. Hereditary angioedema is an extremely uncommon but potentially fatal condition with a complex pathophysiology. Our challenge was to explore the condition in a way that was useful to a physician audience and understandable for patients.

  • Medical mode of action animation

    In this project our aim was to give a clear and visually compelling explanation of a complex disease and the mechanism of action of a new innovative therapeutic option. This work has been translated and used around the world in physician education programs.

  • Oncology mode of action animation

    In no area of medicine is the search for new therapies more active than in the field of oncology. With potential targets emerging all the time, it’s crucial to be able to communicate to clinicians and investigators the rationale behind a choice of therapeutic target. Our client commissioned a series of succinct animations designed to enhance investigator understanding of new target molecules, including this one known as Eg5.

  • Instructional device animation

    This is an example of our medical device-oriented projects. Using a combination of live action, motion graphics, and animation, the viewer is taken through every step of catheter placement in hepatic chemosaturation therapy – in only 3 minutes.

  • Video showreel

    Video is an important part of our offering. Whether your audience is physicians, reps, patients, or carers, we know the right approach and can deliver programs that educate, influence, and move.

  • Patient profile video

    We are particularly proud of our work with patients. Working with them to bring their challenging and often inspiring stories to life on camera requires a delicate touch.



Take a look at our illustration and art work


Recognizable quality

We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients. However, a little validation from professional organizations and our peers is always nice, and we've received more than a little! In the last 3 years alone, we've won more than 70 international awards for our work.

2013 Pixie Awards - 1 platinum, 1 gold 2011 Davey Awards – 2 gold, 3 silver
2012 RX Club Awards - 6 Awards of Excellence 2011 EMPixx Awards – 2 platinum
2012 Global Awards - Finalist 2011 Telly Awards – 3 silver, 12 bronze
2012 Davey Awards – 7 silver 2010 Davey Awards – 5 gold, 6 silver
2012 Telly Awards – 2 silver, 11 bronze 2010 Telly Awards – 3 silver, 5 bronze
2012 Pixie Awards – 1 platinum, 1 gold 2010 RX Club Awards – Award of excellence

Bring your vision to life

To find out more about how we can bring your story to life, contact Simon Gee (, or Matthew Gammon (

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